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Welcome to BLESSED CREEK FARM - Family Owned, Operated.  Sustainable Practices, Abundant Living
Pictured at left is most of our family; our grown daughters, Hayley and Megan, were in Florida when this was taken.
Back row:  Cary, Justin, Destiny, Zane, Eddie;
Middle row standing: Keala Alo (Justin's girlfriend), Shari, Grant, Sara Parker (Grant's fiance);
Middle row sitting:  Joanne and Robert Howard (Shari's folks who live in Wolcott, CO)
Bottom row:  Madison, Taryn, and Jesse.
Cary Neal McMinn, RA
BS Architecture, MBA - Finance
Licensed Architect (Colorado)
Cary is a licensed Architect, has a consulting business, and taught college level courses for more than 25 years.  He grew up on a pecan and alfalfa farm in Roswell, New Mexico, where he learned his farming skills by helping hi dad raise horses and other livestock.  He earned his Bachelor of Science-Architecture with an Industrial Design minor from Arizona State University, and an MBA-Finance from Argosy University.  Cary recently retired from his part-time college teaching job in Denver, to which he commuted one or two days a week.  He was an Associate Professor in the Digital Technical Graphics, Industrial Design, and Kitchen/Bath Design departments at the Art Institute of Colorado.
In addition to his knowledge and love of architecture and agriculture, Cary is skilled in nearly every aspect of construction work including drywall, electrical, finish carpentry, framing, masonry, mechanical, plumbing, roofing, and stucco.  He has designed churches, commercial buildings, educational facilities, hotels, restaurants, and residential projects in the past 40 years. He is knowledgeable about new technologies, including geothermal and solar.
Cary enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.  His favorite vacation is to the beach, in order to swim, read, sleep-in, and deep sea fish with his wife.  His favorite adventure trip is to travel with his grown children to foreign lands for short term missionary construction projects.
An avid reader and researcher, Cary has studied nearly every topic under the sun, and enjoys lively discussions on Christianity and world politics.  He is a fun-loving, hard-working man who loves to show people the love of Christ through service to others. He loves to teach and mentor students of all ages.
His favorite day would probably include attending worship at Reformation OPC church, working on cars by himself, riding horses with his kids, and enjoying a night out with his wife.
Shari Howard McMinn
AA Interior Design
Just because Shari was a career Interior Designer in the Golf, Hotel, and Restaurant industry for more than 20 years, don't expect her house to look like a Home and Garden Reality show!  She is way too busy blogging; coaching her grown children in their business, education, and life pursuits; gardening; homeschooling her 5 youngest children; leading support groups for homeschool and adoption; volunteering in 4-H, and most important - being wife to Cary.
Being a Type A personality with vision and skills, makes her a non-stop organizing and managing machine - she has to be careful not to roll-over anyone!  Shari possesses many farming and homemaking skills, loves kids, and enjoys teaching others everything from vermiculture (earthworms) to sewing ball gowns.
Shari earned her Associate of Arts in Interior Design from the Colorado Institute of Art (long before Cary taught there), and enjoyed a challenging career as a Commercial Interior Designer working throughout the nation, before she 'came home' to teach her children and become helpmeet to Cary.  She was raised in the city by parents who taught her to love Christ, gardening, hard work, and the outdoors.  She has learned about farming through research and practice, and Cary's tutelage.  She is a former CSU Master Gardener volunteer.
Her most important projects are her kids, and she has enjoyed teaching them every subject imaginable in homeschool, through high school.  They have enjoyed learning subjects through books, but even more so through hands-on projects in 4-H and on the farm, with hours and hours of creative play in 'imagination station' in between.  Among her grown children are a graphic designer/webmaster, an industrial designer/marketing guru/webmaster, a farmer/jack-of-all-trades, an actress/filmmaker/screenwriter, and a chef/world traveler.  Children still at home have sites set on the Marines, fashion design/zoology, teaching, banking/Christian ministry, and homemaking. 
Her favorite day would definitely include being served breakfast in bed, gardening an hour in the cool of mid-morning, enjoying a family picnic lunch on the beach followed by deep sea fishing, and walking through a botanical garden on the way to a spicy seafood supper, dockside.  So why is she in Colorado?  Her family...!
Zane Robert McMinn
Self Taught Renaissance Man
Zane thoroughly enjoyed being homeschooled, as long as his learning day included using his imagination, and hands-on learning. A scholar of every subject known to man, he has taught himself more after high school than any student with multiple college degrees ever dreamed of learning.  Zane earned a prestigious scholarship to a prestigious university, but 'came home' to continue his higher education after attending one semester, as he was bored out of his mind, and sick-to-death of liberal, secular college culture.
Zane is the kind of son that makes any mom proud, any dad happy, and the younger siblings rowdy!  He works very long days, studies via books and the Internet until late in the night, then enjoys half the sleep the rest of us need.  He is more knowledgeable and skilled than either of his parents could ever aspire to be, and is at the same time a very humble and honorable young man.
Zane typically teaches AME or Homestead students the finer aspects of beekeeping and honey products, butchering large and small livestock, construction, and fencing.  He could also teach anything his parents do, including breadmaking, cheesemaking, and woodworking. 
Ask him sometime about the complete leather Samurai suit of armor he crafted from leather, and sewed the historically accurate under-garments during his junior year of high school!  A true Renaissance Man, he is able to knowledgeably discuss at length any topic you want to discuss with him.  And if he doesn't know about something, give him a day to research, and he'll be the new expert.
This year Zane will be installing our aquaponics/terraponics system, and small scale solar power.  Just two more things you can ask him about, and learn from the instant expert.
His favorite day would probably include exploring a new place, trying new foods, and discovering new ideas. 
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