Welcome to BLESSED CREEK FARM - Current Meat Price List
Welcome to BLESSED CREEK FARM - Family Owned, Operated.  Sustainable Practices, Abundant Living
Meat Price List - Click on PDF below for Download

Your purchase of our hand-crafted meats supports our small family farm.  We are appreciative of our customers and strive to provide you with the finest quality grass-fed, pastured meats around.  We also want to be known for our personalized, attentive customer service.  If you have any comments, good or bad, please just drop us an email.  We always want to correct any problems right away!

Colorado statutes (the law) allows farmers to sale direct to consumers by selling your portion of our livestock 'live' to you, and then you have it custom slaughtered.  To keep the carbon footprint to a minimum, and to make purchasing our meat easier for customers who live 'in town' and are a long distance from our remote farm, we sell you your part of our livestock 'live', and we take the livestock to the butcher for you.  We have the butcher process and wrap your portion, we pick it up and store it in our freezers for you, and then deliver it to you when you are ready to receive it.  Then we settle up on the bill with you for the whole thing, passing on your portion of payment for processing to the butcher.  We believe this type of transaction is both legal and the most practical way to do business as a small, family owned and operated farm.

Furthermore, we know what weight an 1/8, or 1/4, or 1/2 of a livestock animal will butcher to, so we have your purchase bagged or boxed for you in specific weights, which are then easy to calculate the pricing for.  Poultry and rabbits are sold whole.  As there is no known existing butcher of rabbits in our area of Colorado, so we butcher them for you as a gift, at no charge.  This keeps us from running into problems with 'the law', or we at least believe it does.

We typically have meat for sale in bulk in our freezers, especially in the fall when our specialty holiday poultry is available.  We generally butcher beef, pork, poultry, and rabbits again after the first of the year.  We strive to have whole pigs available late spring/summer for pig roasts - but these MUST BE RESERVED 2-3 months in advance!

Please print off a copy of our order form - see link below.  Then email us a brief note with your desired order.  We will verify our inventory, and let you know if we have everything you want to order.  Once confirmed, you can mail in your form with your good check.  We do not offer credit card payments.  We also accept cash, but caution you about mailing it.

You are welcome to pick-up your meat here on our farm by appointment, or we can meet you along the I-25 corridor from Castle Rock to Loveland, or along I-76 Denver to Sterling, or I-70 Denver to Limon.  We will decide on a mutually agreeable location and date/time after your order is placed.

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