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Welcome to BLESSED CREEK FARM - Family Owned, Operated.  Sustainable Practices, Abundant Living
Orphan Care
One of the main reasons we moved to our farm was to add more children to our family through adoption.  In the 11 years since we welcomed our first 2 adopted children, we have learned many, many lessons, most of all to rely on the Lord for everything, even our very breath.  It has been a lot of hard work, very tough parenting, lots of energy and patience, lots of crying out to the Lord for wisdom, but our adopted children have grown to be such a blessing to us and our biological children, we couldn't possibly think of life without them.
We want to encourage other Christian families to adopt.  Not just one child, but as many as God wants to send.  Did you know there are literally hundreds of millions of orphans in the world?  Whether through child welfare, through private domestic, or through international adoption, your family can welcome children into your Christian home to the glory of God.
If we are Christians, we are to be concerned about orphans (and widows), according to James 1:27. Our family would like to encourage you to be concerned about orphans through adoption, foster care, and benevolent giving. Below are two Christian organizations that care for orphans, who are always looking for more sponsors or donors.  We highly recommend them as we support their cause ourselves, and can attest to their fruitful work and integrity. Please consider giving generously. 
We Americans have so much, even when we can't pay our monthly bills.  Ask God to show your family how to cut back and live simply, so others can simply live.
1.  Casa de Fe; an orphanage run by American Patti Sue Arnold in Shell, Ecuador for handicapped and unwanted children.  Find information at www.cornerstoneinternational.org
2. Horizon International; an organization based in the US that provides for AIDS orphans, through sponshorship programs, in 7 sub-saharan African countries where millions of orphans are in need of food, clothing, education, shelter, and most of all the hope found only in Christ Jesus:  www.horizoninternationalinc.com
We are pleased to announce the formation of
This is a Christian-based support group for Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship families.  First Friday evening of the month meetings in Fort Morgan are open to families living along the Front Range, and in Northeast Colorado. RSVP is necessary for food provision and parent training hand-outs.
The support group is for the WHOLE family.  After a fellowship meal, children will be supervised with crafts, games, and sports while parents enjoy a break with icebreakers, teaching, and sharing/caring/prayer time.  A supervised and well-equipped Nursery is also provided.
Fathers will be leading the Bibically-based parenting trainings, and Mothers will teach hands-on skill builders that help in raising traumatized children.  The younger children will have a lot of fun being led by young adult siblings, who will teach them new recreational skills while they build friendships and increase their socialization abilities. We encourage the whole family to attend, together.
Email: mcminnbcfarm@frii.com for a flyer with location, meeting time, and directions..
To learn more about our adoption story, and receive encouragement for your orphan care journey, please go to Shari's blog link: http://christianadoptionsuccess.wordpress.com
Feel free to email us anytime to answer your questions regarding orphan care. All children, including orphans, are precious to the Lord; they need to be precious to us, as well.
Cary and Shari McMinn                   970.396.9116                  mcminnbcfarm@frii.com
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