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Welcome to BLESSED CREEK FARM - Family Owned, Operated.  Sustainable Practices, Abundant Living
Products and Services

We raise Heritage breeds of livestock on pastured, grass-based diets.  These animals are hand-fed by family members every morning and evening.  They are free ranging during the day, and called in to their respective corrals and sheds in the evening to protect from coyotes and birds of prey, including owls. The only livestock in cages are our rabbits, but they too, eat sprouts or hay.  Only breeding rabbits, and a few of our 4-H show animals receive any feed or grain - none of these are harvested for our farm meat sales.

With the addition of a fodder system to our farm facility, we can now say that all of our livestock are 'finished' on grass. The internet is filled with research articles that show that pastured livestock which consume a grass diet are not only the healthiest stock, but produce the healthiest meat for human consumption.  Also, you can check out the Weston A. Price Foundation website and research for more information on grass-based livestock meat production.
During inclimate weather - when snow covers the ground or pastures to prevent grazing, our livestock are fed additional quantities of hay and barley sprouted grass.   Pigs and chickens also eat kitchen scraps. 

We call raising animals in this manner 'the old fashioned' way.  We seek the good Lord for His wisdom in caring for His creatures in a humane way.  We believe in being good stewards of the land, and all of creation, including our God-given right to take dominion over the land that can supply our needs and give us a good life in return.

***Click on "Current Meat Price List" to the left of this line.

Simultaneously, we DO NOT believe the government has the right to inspect or approve labeling for farmers - we DO believe our customers have the right to visit our farm and continue to purchase our products if they approve of our practices, and enjoy the taste of our meats.  Therefore, we do not submit to 'organic' or 'grass fed' or any other labeling.  We do promise you will be 100% satisfied, or we will make it right!  Our meats are lean, yet have enough good fat to be flavorful, tender, and contribute good fat to your diet for proper health, including well lubricated brain function!
According to Colorado statutes, farmers may sell meat direct to customers if the customer purchases their portion of the livestock 'live', and has it custom slaughtered.  Because you don't own a livestock trailer to come pick up 1/4 of a cow (guess you would have to pick up a whole cow!) and because we live in a remote area that is often not navigable due to snow or rain making our dirt roads a muddy impasse, we sell you your 'live' portion, and take it to the butcher for you, pay the butcher on your behalf, and then you reimburse us upon delivery.  This reduces the gas/carbon footprint you would otherwise make if you had to deal with picking up the livestock, taking it to the butcher, then coming back to the butcher a month later to get your meat after it is processed!  Too bad the legislature didn't figure all of that out before they those passed those burdensome laws!
Keeping that in mind, we box the processed packaged meat in bulk poundage that is an extrapolation (that means an expanded calculation) of what ''1/8'  or '1/4' of a cow or pig or lamb would be.  Rabbits and poultry are packaged whole.  You can't just buy chicken breasts from us; for that, please go to your local grocer.  What you can purchase is a gorgeous whole chicken or duck or turkey, or even guinea or goose for the adventurous chef!  And just for you newbies, we think rabbit is one of the easiest, tastiest meats to raise!  We have lots of recipes if you have never tried this delicacy.
We meet our bulk meat customers at a 'half-way' point, mutually agreeable, for deliveries.  We deliver just about every week in the towns of Brush, Fort Morgan, and Wiggins.  Along the front range, we come about once a month, and we can deliver to the Castle Rock area on any Sunday as that is where we attend church (I know, it is 1.5 hours from the farm, but it is well worth it.)
We generally have the following for sale:
*beef (25# of mixed cuts - steaks, roasts, ground, stew)
*lamb (20# of mixed cuts - leg, shoulder, riblets, ground, chops)
*pork (25# of mixed cuts - uncured (no nitrates ham, bacon; sausage                                          including brats and breakfast, roasts, ribs, chops) 
*rabbit (whole - either 3# or 5#)
*poultry:  chicken, duck, goose, guinea (think all dark meat chicken, yum!)                  and turkey (all are packaged whole and vary in weight - see price list)
Interested in purchasing some of our delicious meats?
Click on the link at the bottom of the left column for our "Current Meat Price List".
A final note about our meat prices and farming.  A while back, someone told us our meat was too expensive.  They thought that purchasing bulk meat directly from a farmer meant the price would be lower than the grocery store.  Well, you get what you pay for, as they say.  Our meat is hand-crafted, and our animals live like royalty. We work from sun-up to sun-down seven days a week to care for our livestock. We are producing what we think is the highest quality meat available. 
We also have to at least TRY to make a profit.  Farming is a money munching monster machine!  If you thought gas was high lately, try buying enough hay to get through a drought because you don't have enough pasture grass! 
Yes, our meat is surely more expensive than the grocery store, just like a steak house is more expensive than a fast food joint.  We, however, think it is worth it.  Serving smaller portions of high quality meat can be a similar cash value as super-sized portions of lesser quality meat. High quality meat, for which you pay a higher price, is better for your taste buds, and better for your health, which in the end, saves you money in medical care.       Try it, we think (well...we know!) you'll like it.
When available, we sell breeding stock, sometimes registered, for those persons interested in continuing the breeds of heritage livestock.  Please contact us and describe what you are looking for.  Tamworth pig stock is especially rare, with only a handful of farms in the Rocky Mountain area raising them.  We can also recommend breeders we have purchased from.
We have partnered with CHEC the last few years to host and lead a HOMESTEAD BOOTCAMP in September as a mission outreach to other homeschool families.  This is scheduled for the Friday and Saturday right before our climate zone's 'first frost' date of September 21.  An action packed, intensive 2 day hands-on learning experience, we offer more than 30 different workshops to equip families with basic and advanced homesteading skills for urban or rural living. 
The BOOTCAMP is open to parents and their children 13 years and up.  Singles over 21 are also welcome.  Taught from a Christian worldview, the BOOTCAMP is open to all, regardless of faith or education choice.
We keep the fee 'family friendly' to welcome as many participants as possible up to our cap of 80.  We encourage those registered to attend both days, all day, to get the most out of the event.  2012 cost was $80./household. Singles $40. each.  For more information go to www.chec.org; click on Events; click on Homestead Bootcamp.  The 2012 information is close to what the 2013 information will be.  Hopefully the site will be updated, and accept registrations beginning May 1, 2013.  For the 'draft' workshop matrix to be emailed to you, please request it at mcminnbcfarm@frii.com.
Many of our BOOTCAMP alumni have requested a similar venue for families and all their children OF ALL AGES.  Because of the inherent danger of farm vehicles, rattlesnakes, etc. and the things that happen on a farm that probably should not be viewed by some children (harvest of livestock includes humane killing and butchering), we have set the BOOTCAMP age limit of 13 and up, and are sticking to it!
However, we have listened and understood your desire, so this year we are excited to announce we are planning our first FAMILY HOMESTEAD DAY Saturday May 18, 2013. Families can sign-up for Session I which runs from 8am-Noon, OR Session II which runs from 1:30-5:30pm. We figure that young children can handle a maximum of 4 hours before their crankiness sets-in!  Each Session will have a registration cap of 20 Families.  The fee for either session is $60/family.  Families can bring a picnic lunch and fellowship with other like-minded families from Noon-1:30pm. 
Both Morning and Afternoon sessions will include time for participating families to:
1.  Feed livestock w/ the McMinn family - beef cattle, dairy cows, dairy goats, horses, pigs, poultry, rabbits, and sheep!  Split up and help with the species you want to know more about.  Learn about the FUN teamwork needed for feeding and watering livestock daily.  Your kids will see how they, too, can handle animals and be responsible for their care (with your supervision and guidance.)
2.  Hands-on Activity Centers - learn some of the basic and fun skills required to do urban or rural homesteading.  Planned kid-friendly projects include learning about Beneficial Insects, Fiber arts, Flowers, Food products, Gardening, Herbs, Hides and Leatherwork, Homestead Crafts, Raising small animals, Soil Improvement, Woodworking skills, and more!
We hope to have the FAQ's and registration available by March 15, 2013 at www.chec.org; click on Events; click on Family Homestead Day.
We have a heart for missionaries, and want to help them to lead an abundant life on the mission field, whether they are called to an American inner city, or a third world jungle.  We invite individual or missionary couples to spend a day with us to learn basic gardening, small livestock raising and butchering, food preservation, from scratch cooking, and thrifty living skills.  This is a free gift from us to those who choose to participate.  Contact us at mcminnbcfarm@frii.com to set a date based on your, and our available schedule.  May the Lord richly bless your mission work, and to God be the glory!

D.  AME PROGRAM:  Unfortunately, w have had to discontinue our APPRENTICESHIP/MENTORSHIP/ENTREPRENEUR program through Christian Home Educators of Colorado, due to the death of Cary McMinn,who was the primary teacher/mentor.  In the future we may consider reinstating this program if there is interest, to be led by Zane McMinn (farming, construction) and Shari McMinn (gardening, homemaking).
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