Welcome to BLESSED CREEK FARM - Testimonials
Welcome to BLESSED CREEK FARM - Family Owned, Operated.  Sustainable Practices, Abundant Living
Testimonials from our Customers

From an AME Student:
"Thanks for making me like one of your family."
From an AME parent:
"Thank you so much for blessing (my son's) life with the opportunity for the BLESSED CREEK FARM AME program this past fall.  He looked foward to each week and grew as a young man in many ways.  It gave him a wonderful chance to be outside alot and stretch his young man legs (literally) and have a multitude of new and quality experiences - not just in the program but because the program involves your lives: eating/sleeping, games, chores...devotions, friendships, the Lord."
From MEAT customers:
"...my boys notice the...difference between your meats and store bought meat.  They definitely like yours much better!"
"The lamb is tender, the chicken and pork are full of flavor, and we've never had better beef!"
From a MEAT donation recipient:
"Thank you so much for your thoughtful contribution of the meat for the...ministry.  God is using your family as a serving family to the benefit of His Kingdom in many ways.

"Thanks so much!  Can't thank you enough for opening your hearts and homes."
"It is amazing to see how you are improving the land God's given you."
"We are still at the level of needing basic skills so this bootcamp was wonderful;  I wish we could have attended ALL the workshops!"
"We just wanted to thank your family for all that you guys have done for us....Thank you for taking the time to teach us all of these skills - we are so grateful.  We feel so blessed....."
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